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Who do I Coach?

Health and wellness is NOT defined or restricted by age, gender, physical ability, race or background. 

Anyone can feel better but we don’t always realise it! 

Our health and wellness evolve with time, with experiences and with the changing circumstances of life. 

Wellness is a relative concept – it means different things to different people at different times.  Being different and unique is wonderful! 

If you would like to feel, think and look better and are ready to take responsibility to make the changes happen, we can work together to achieve this by reframing your thinking and challenging those old, life-limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

You feel happier when you take the first step towards taking control.

What Can You Expect From Me

You can expect 100% focus, commitment, openness and honesty from me. 

A safe, confidential space to engage in holistic, compassionate and non-judgemental professional health coaching support.

Your current life-limiting beliefs may be challenged in a non-judgmental and non-confrontational way.

Your sessions are just that – your sessions – your time to discuss the issues and problems you face which have previously prevented you from achieving your goals and to move forward with control, optimism and contentment.

My approach to health coaching is about a realistic balance controlled and driven by you. I want you to enjoy your coaching journey.

Have fun, smile and laugh – it’s so good for you!


What I Will Expect From You

I will expect your honesty, focus and commitment to make your goals a reality. 

For your coaching to be as successful as it is exciting, you will need to be fully ready to be committed to work towards change, both within your sessions and in your day to day life. 

Your coaching sessions may challenge life-long unhelpful habits and beliefs in order to replace them with new, improved and liberating ones. 

Be open to considering change, the possibilities are endless for you.

Feel healed.

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