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When I began sessions with Jane, I wanted some insight into myself and some triggers for motivation. Jane gave me the knowledge and skills to begin a process of change within myself. Jane gave me realistic goals working at a level and pace that suited me while pushing my limits as I improved.

Jane was creative and holistic in her approach and has the ability to understand with compassion and empathy. This gave me the confidence and mindfulness to look at why it is important to self-care and how to begin and take forward that process of change.

Suzanne, 57, Letchworth

Throughout the experience, I felt very comfortable about asking questions and discussing my health, nutrition and well-being. Jane was very positive and encouraging with her approach throughout. What was really beneficial is how she provided many suggestions to help adjust my diet to become part of my daily routine.

I achieved all the goals I set myself with help from Jane which was challenging but achievable with her support. I would definitely recommend using Jane for a health and wellbeing programme, even though I already had a fairly good diet and exercise regime, as I am feeling the benefits both mentally and physically.

It has shown me that small changes
can make a big difference.

Robin, 59, Royston

I have found my sessions with Jane really beneficial. She worked with me to enable me to identify some of my personal issues and helped me own and take responsibility for them and to make goals for me to work towards.

Jane was very sensitive to my personal needs but also assured in her approach which made me feel confident in her ability to support me through this journey.

Although I have completed my coaching, I would definitely continue with Jane to help me to reaffirm my learning so that I do not fall back into my old ways of thinking.

Caroline, 46, Royston

I have worked with a number of coaches over the years and found them all extremely helpful with Jane being the most beneficial of all. Her approach mixes real-life & coaching experience with compassion and she paved the way for me to figure out what would work better for me in my life. Thank you, Jane!

Gemma, 38, London

Jane brings great energy to every training session.  

She has not just assisted and pushed me with my fitness but her sessions have impacted me on how I view my whole self.

She is a truly holistic coach... she listens, guides and keeps me focused and motivated. I'm loving the challenge and reconnecting with nature as I exercise. Thank you, Jane, you are an absolute star.

Alison, 50, Hitchin

I liked Janes style. She was very good at letting me talk when I needed to get things off my chest, but also pulling the session back on topic. Not in any way intimidating or pushy. I gave up my daily chocolate habit overnight after many years! I am in a much better place overall to be confident in my choices around food and being more active and ultimately to lose the weight I have wanted to get rid of for many years.
Thanks for everything Jane!

Rosey, 66, Stevenage

Jane had a very warm, friendly, and honest approach with me and my presenting issues. I felt very comfortable talking about what was going on for me. All my needs were met and I've begun to have a different way of thinking about food and to look at losing weight as a journey and not a race. Thanks, Jane for all your help and support. It really helped me to stay disciplined and focused.

Dawn, 58, Stevenage

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